FireSmart Home Partners

Take action on your property to reduce wildfire risks


How do I schedule an assessment?

Visit and complete the online application form to schedule your assessment. A FireSmart Home Partners Assessor will follow up with you to confirm your appointment. You can also contact FireSmart Canada directly with specific questions on the FireSmart Home Partners Program.

How long should I expect an assessment to take?

A FireSmart Home Partners Assessor will visit your property to complete a comprehensive assessment of your home and property. The assessment will take between one and three hours to complete, depending on the size and complexity of your property. We ask that you are present and participating in the assessment.

What will the FireSmart Home Partners assessor be looking for?

During the initial assessment, a FireSmart Home Partners Assessor will walk the property and collect data to create a report on what mitigation work needs to be completed.

Your assessor will complete a detailed assessment of the building materials used, home design and the condition of each component of your home. The assessment will be interactive and your assessor will explain everything as they complete the assessment.

The assessor may require mitigation that involves tree removal and
possibly roof/siding or other modifications. The assessor will also be working with you to mark trees for removal on your property.

Following the assessment of your home, the assessor will work their way out through each of the FireSmart priority zones to assess landscaping, vegetation and combustible storage.

Once your assessment is complete, a report will be generated consisting of all of the mitigation work and provide a FireSmart work plan for your home and property. This will be sent to you, along with resources to assist in completing any home retrofit work or forestry contracting.

What can I do to prepare?

FireSmart Canada has many resources available to help reduce the risk of wildfire to your home and neighbourhood. Visit the FireSmart Canada Resource Library.